Secure your dentures in place with implant over-dentures

By Dr. Chie Li Ee, DMD – Dentist in Cape May, NJ

 Implant OverDentures by Dr. Chie Li Ee, DMD - Dentist in Cape May New JerseyIs your denture loose and slipping?

Your traditional denture can now be supported with dental implants so they will never get loose or slip again. With “Implant Over-dentures” you will once again be able to speak and eat with comfort and total confidence!

Plus, Implant Overdentures will enable you to finally get rid of the bothersome clicks and wobbles of dentures and you’ll never have to use messy denture pastes or worry about misplacing your dentures.

How does an “Over-denture” Work?

A denture is attached to a bar which is anchored on 2 to 6 dental implants within your jaw. The dental implants keep the denture strongly secured into place with a snap which firmly locks it into place on your jaw. This option is highly stable and almost feels exactly like your natural teeth.

Overdentures can and usually do also provide the added benefit of improving your facial appearance because your new (prosthetic) teeth will make the jaw/teeth area of your face look full again so you look younger. (Unfortunately, when you lose your teeth it makes your face look old.)

An “Over-Denture” is an excellent solution for you if you already have dentures, but want them held in place more securely and permanently. Many times we can use your existing dentures and just attach implants to them!

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