The True Cost Of Dentures

BY: Chie Li Ee, DMD & Chrissy Boothroyd

Are you one of the 120 million Americans are missing 1 or more teeth? There are several ways that you can replace missing teeth. Dentures, bridges and implants are all replacement options with a wide range of costs. Dentures can be an economical replacement for missing teeth in the short term. However, the real cost of dentures can be much greater in the long term. Consider the following:

  • Social Costs – Dentures can move, click while eating and talking and trap food. Imagine being in a social situation and your denture won’t stay in place.
  • Convenience Costs – Dentures can’t be cleaned the same way as natural teeth. They need to be removed to clean, soaked overnight and then rinsed and placed back in your mouth. All this needs to be done carefully, as you don’t want to drop them and risk breaking them.
  • Health Costs – Dentures are not a replacement for teeth. They are a replacement for “no teeth”. Your jaw was meant to have teeth. Without them, the jaw begins to lose bone, changing the shape of your face and weakening your jawbone. When this occurs, dentures will become very uncomfortable (or sometimes impossible) to wear. Eating many foods will become impossible because dentures do not function like your natural teeth when chewing.
  • Dental Costs – If still have some natural teeth and have dentures to replace missing teeth, the denture can cause damage to your existing teeth. Since the anchors to existing teeth, it will cause stress on those teeth every time that you eat. This stress will eventually damage those teeth and lead to additional tooth loss.

So, if you don’t want to pay the true cost of dentures, implants are a great alternative. Over the long term, implants are comparable in financial costs. In terms of the other costs, dental implants are a superior option. Implants are part of your jawbone and can prevent bone loss.  They are brushed and flossed like natural teeth. They have the appearance and feel of natural teeth. The advances in implant dentistry have made it possible for people with missing teeth to confidently speak, enjoy their favorite foods and function as they would with natural teeth; they do not slip or click when talking, laughing or eating.

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