Get a beautiful white smile in just one visit with teeth whitening

By Dr. Chie Li Ee, DMD – Cosmetic dentist in Cape May, NJ

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening by Dr Chie Li Ee, DMD - Cosmetic Dentist in Cape May New JerseyDo you have stained, discolored or “dull” teeth that you want to make whiter and brighter for a more attractive smile?

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening will get your teeth up to 8 shades whiter in just 1 visit providing you with a beautiful bright white smile!

Teeth whitening is today’s most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment. Why? Because it provides the most results for the least cost. ZOOM! Teeth Whitening provides many benefits:

  • Quick and Effective – In about 1-2 hours ZOOM! Teeth Whitening treatment will give you a brilliant & healthy looking smile that will last for years;
  • Clinically Proven – The ZOOM! Teeth Whitening system is designed and clinically proven to whiten your teeth up to 8 shades brighter;
  • Long-Lasting Results – ZOOM! Teeth Whitening is proven to provide long-lasting results (just one treatment lasts up to 3-4 years);

The ZOOM! Teeth Whitening procedure is simple and painless and takes just 2 steps:

First, Teeth Whitening Gel is applied to your teeth.

Second, the Teeth Whitening Gel is activated by shining a specially designed light on your teeth.

You’ll be amazed with the results and you’ll want to show off your bright white smile to the whole world!


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